Coaching – Individual

Imagine having a vision for your life, career, or business
that seems so big you’re hesitant , or even fearful, to talk about it let alone
try to achieve it. Now imagine stepping into that vision and making it a
reality. Somehow you know the steps you need to take and you have the tools and
resources you need. Most importantly, those beliefs/situations/people you once
thought were a barrier to achieving what you want are no longer standing in
your way. This is what happens in coaching.


Coaching can be a powerful, exhilarating, and life-changing
process that helps you discover those “AHA” moments and put them into action.


It’s an individualized process and does not look the same
for everyone. That’s because it highlights, hones, and uses your individual
values, strengths,  and experiences to
create an action plan authentic to you and your vision. Working from the inside
out, our work together will help you move from doing (aka being busy but
feeling stagnant)  to being (living and
working in your purpose) what it is you want for your life.


My individual coaching services are delivered in customized
packages of 6 or 12 sessions. Each process begins with a complimentary 30
minute coaching session so you can experience coaching firsthand. If we both
agree that my coaching services are a good fit for you, we’ll create a package
that best meets your needs. This includes the opportunity to take the Energy
Leadership Index (ELI)
to assess how you currently show up as a leader in all
aspects of your life and what you’d like to change during the coaching process.

Coaching is not for everyone. It’s designed for individuals ready to be stretched and invested in creating tremendous change in their lives.  If this sounds like you, complete the contact form on this page to get started today!

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