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    Assisted Reproduction Consultations & Evaluations

    Discovering you need another step on your family-building journey can raise many different emotions and questions. Why is this necessary, we know what we want to do and we’ve discussed it endlessly? Do we really need to involve another professional in this process? 

    Or maybe you’re breathing a sigh of relief. You’ve had some many questions beyond the logistics of the process and while you may be excited to be moving closer to expanding your family, it’s also bringing up some worries and conversations that you’re having difficulty navigating on your own.

    Imagine moving to the next phase of your fertility journey with a sense of confidence about your decisions, what’s to come and resources to help you at each stage. Imagine being prepared for those questions and conversations that are sure to arise with your loved ones and future child. While the process may still evoke some anxiety or other emotions for you, you know you have the tools to manage them.

    The consultation is intended to help you address psychosocial factors that may arise as a result of expanding your family through assisted reproductive measures. Each session is 90 minutes and the number of sessions will vary depending on your unique circumstances.

    Care and compassion coupled with honesty and information form the foundation of the process I use to help my clients who are seeking to expand their families through assisted reproduction. As a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), each consultation is conducted following guidelines outlined by the ASRM and meeting the requirements of most fertility clinics. 

    To learn more about your getting started with a psychological consultation, contact me to schedule your consultation call.