• Inspiring professional women and creative entrepreneurs to design healthy lives they are excited about living.


    Professional women and creative entrepreneurs face unique challenges that often go unnoticed to the people around them. Meeting the ever changing demands of your loved ones, your craft, your profession, productivity, and financial obligations while trying to maintain your health and peace of mind can create the appearance that you have it all together on the outside… but inside you know it’s a totally different story. It’s only a matter of time before the anxiety, stress, frustration, or simply lack of knowing what to do next takes its toll on your health, relationships and state of mind… or maybe it already has.

    You can move from trying to survive to actually thriving in your life.

    My approach centers the mind-body-spirit connection while helping my clients overcome past traumas that may be impacting how they show up in their lives and relationships today. It also emphasizes taking action to make the changes that clients want to see in their lives in the future. Clients have shared that my down to earth nature infused with professionalism and commitment to providing quality services creates an experience that is healing, transformative, and life changing for my clients.

    Sessions are offered in person and virtually allowing for consistency and flexibility for busy professionals and entrepreneurs.

    “Don’t play small. This is your life. Make it your goal to live the story you want to tell.”
    -Valerie Burton

    Specializing In:

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
    Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)
    Gottman Method (Couples Therapy)
    Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation
    Fertility Counseling
    Perinatal Mental Health
    Executive Coaching

    How I can help...

    Individual Therapy

    Couple Therapy


    Learn More About Who I Am

    Dr. Grocher has provided psychotherapy, executive coaching, and consultation services in numerous settings in the Baltimore/Washington DC Metro area, South Florida, and New York City including inpatient and outpatient mental health/substance abuse facilities, sub-acute/long-term care, corporations (such as New York Times, The Times, Viacom, etc.), and private practice. She maintains a virtual private practice serving clients in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida. She provides psychotherapy to couples and professional women who are navigating mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, and reproductive mental health concerns. Her executive coaching services focus on professional women and creative entrepreneurs who want to achieve their career and leadership goals while aligning their lifestyle goals to achieve optimal wellness and satisfaction in all areas of their life. In addition to integrating yoga and mindfulness practices into her work with clients, Dr. Grocher offers individual and small group yoga sessions with new yogis in mind.