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    You’re moving throughout your day and on the surface everything seems ok, but you start to notice that you’re feeling more pain or strong sensations in your body than usual. There might be a general sense of feeling disconnected from your body and yourself. You only act when the pain is unbearable or when your doctor has told you (sometimes repeatedly) that something has to change in your lifestyle, your body is screaming for help. So much of your stress might be related to feeling stuck and like you have no options, and you’re at the whim of everything and everyone around you. But where do you even begin to reconnect? Is change in your lifestyle even possible given all the demands on your time and attention? Yes, it is! It’s possible to:

    • Become more attuned to yourself,
    • Recognize your thoughts, feelings and emotions and be able to choose how you shift them and communicate them
    • You can start to be aware of the present moment, enjoying your life right now instead of being so caught up in the past or so anxious about the future that you aren’t truly able to experience right now.
    • You can feel safe and whole in your body. Discover what it truly means to be aligned in your mind, body and spirit.

    We often believe that emotional distress is in our heads, but it’s often expressed in our bodies way before our mind is even aware. Did you know depression doesn’t always look like a sad or tearful face? Sometimes depression shows up as aches and pains in our bodies or feeling exhausted. Anxiety can also show up in the body as heart palpitations or difficulty breathing or feeling agitated in the body. In order to truly “do the work”, incorporating your body is a must. By using strategies such as mindfulness, movement, and breathwork during therapy sessions, we can help you connect with yourself and become more aware of the choices available to you to help you overcome the challenges that brought you to therapy. And choice is EVERYTHING!! Mind-body practices are especially helpful with coping and healing from societal injustices like oppression and racial trauma that take their toll on our minds and bodies over time. Centering the mind-body connection is central to the work I do with all clients and for those that would like to integrate specific mindfulness, movement and breathing techniques into their daily life, I’m happy to provide instruction and guidance on how to do just that. My training as a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness meditation teacher help me co-create a therapeutic experience for you that facilitates healing on each level: mind, body and spirit. Want to know more? Reach out today to schedule a consultation call.